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Aloha and Mahalo for participating in the Cyber 'Ike CTF event hosted by ISC2 Hawaii.

Important Information

Please join the respective CTF server based on your affiliation

K-12 Participants Only

  1. K-12 Only Discord Server
  2. CTF Server here

Professional and College Participants Only

  1. Professionals Only Discord Server
  2. CTF Server here


The following rules applies to both the CTF platform and Discord servers. You will be removed from participating in the CTF if you are caught.

  • No inappropriate usernames or nicknames.
  • No sexually suggestive and explicit usernames or nicknames.
  • No offensive usernames or nicknames.
  • No inappropriate, sexually explicit, or offensive profile pictures.
  • No NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content.
  • No illegal content.
  • No harassment.
  • No sexism.
  • No racism.
  • No hate speech.
  • No offensive language/cursing.
  • No malicious links or files.
  • No collusion with other teams (including with your friends on other teams)
  • Be professional and have fun!

Special Rules for CyberPatriot Teams

The following rules applies to all CyberPatriot teams:

  • Only one team/school may win in a service division (All Service and Open Service),
  • If multiple teams from a school wins in both service divisions and top places, they will be asked to pick a division and spot (i.e. School A wins 1st and 3rd in Open Service Division and 1st and 2nd in All Service Division. School A will need to pick either Open Service or All Service division and the spot they will like to take. All other teams will be dropped from winning prizes to allow other schools a fair chance),
  • A student may only participate in one division and team. They may not participate in both divisions on multiple teams.


Begin by registering for a CTF account, on the top right of the CTF site. Click on "Register". Be sure to fill out all the information such as the username, email address (must be able to verify account), a strong password, and your Affiliation (Name of the company, school, or organization that you're affiliated with e.g. Kaimuki High School, Hawaii Bank, Non-Profit Company).

Teams and Rules

Team names should follow the above standard rules. Each team is limited up to 5 (FIVE) participants per team. There can be multiple teams representing a school or company, however there may only be 1 (ONE) winning team per school or company (this is usually the selected top team).

You may not collude with anyone outside your team (that incldes your friends on another team).

Basic Information


There are various difficulty of challenges created in several Cybersecurity related categories to test your skills and knowledge. You will notice that there are some challenges that look like the picture below.

Requirements Image

Please do not be alarmed as these challenges are not available until you have solved a pre-requisite challenge.

If you get stuck on a challenge, don't spend too much time on it and move onto another challenge to come back to it later.

Live Challenges

In this CTF environment, there are live challenges that require you to open a ticket in the respective Discord server and post your responses from there.

Note: The ticketing system isn't meant to be used to ask for help or hints. Please use the respective #help channel in the Discord server to ask for help. CTF Staff will not hold your hands in solving any challenges

More information about Challenges.


All challenges have a standard flag format that is to be accepted as the answer to the challenge.

Flag Example:

ISC2{This is a Flag}
ISC2{caSE inSenSiTive FlAg}

In order to make this CTF easier, all flags are case insensitive and doesn't require you to have exactly the correct capital and lower case letters in the flag. However, there are submission limitations to prevent flooding random guesses.

All multiple choice challenges will only allow 1 (ONE) submission before the challenge is removed. All other challenges will only allow 3 (three) submissions before the challenge is removed.

Note: Once the challenge is removed, you will not be given the chance to solve it again at a later time. So please put in some time and thought before submitting a flag.


We have provided hints onto all of our challenges. The first teaser hint cost 0 points, however each additional hint beyond the first one will cost you points.

Note: You may only ask for help in the Discord channel (#help) and nowhere else. CTF Staff will ignore direct messages or tickets asking for help. This is a competition, not a class.


All challenges have the assigned points per their difficulties:

Difficulty Points
Multiple Choice 2
Easy 5
Medium 10
Hard 15
Extreme 20

At the discretion of the CTF Staff, points may be awarded or deducted during the competition for any reason.