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G is for Governance:

Governance is like the rules and leaders that help keep things organized. In school, we have teachers and principals who make sure we follow the rules and learn well. In companies or organizations, there are leaders and rules to make sure everything runs smoothly and people do the right things.

R is for Risk Management:

Think of risk management as being careful and safe. Just like we wear helmets when riding a bike to avoid getting hurt, companies and adults also have to think about being safe and protecting their things. They need to plan for things that might go wrong and have a backup plan.

C is for Compliance:

Compliance means following the rules and laws. When you play a game or do a school project, you have to follow certain rules, right? Well, companies also have to follow rules and laws made by the government to make sure they do things fairly and safely. In the grown-up world, GRC is about making sure businesses and organizations are well-run, safe, and following the rules. It's like having leaders, being careful, and following the rules, just like you do at school.

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