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Security Awareness

Security Awareness is like Staying Safe Online:

  • Locking Your Bicycle: Start by talking about how they lock their bicycles to keep them safe. Just like they protect their bikes, they need to learn to protect their online information.

  • Strong Passwords: Explain that just as they have a secret code to unlock their phone, like a PIN or a password, they need to create strong and secret passwords for their online accounts to keep their information safe.

  • Cyber Strangers: Discuss the idea of strangers online, just like they should be cautious around strangers they meet in real life. Tell them not to share personal information with people they don't know.

  • Online Etiquette: Mention that they should be polite and kind when they use the internet, just as they should be in person. Explain the importance of treating others with respect online.

  • Updates and Patches: Relate security awareness to keeping their toys and games updated. Tell them that just like they get new features and fixes for their games, computers and apps also need updates to stay secure.

  • Trustworthy Sources: Explain the importance of getting information from trusted sources. Just as they trust their teachers and parents, they should be cautious about believing everything they see on the internet.

  • Report Problems: Encourage them to talk to a trusted adult if they come across anything online that makes them uncomfortable or if someone is mean to them. Just like they would report a problem to a teacher or parent.

Security Awareness Resources